[TROLLS PAPER] message card – GOOD LUCK


Manufacturer: TROLLS PAPER


FSC ecology paper


100 × 145mm

Availability: In stock

Do you have someone in mind that you’d like to send a heartfelt message to?

You can customize the scent by spraying your favorite perfume or room spray onto the enclosed “paper charm”.

The card and envelope are made with cotton pulp, which allows the scent of the charm to gradually spread throughout the entire card and envelope.

This set includes two message cards, one envelope, and one paper charm.


TROLLS PAPER is a stationery brand that makes products for creators to get their creation and inspiration.
They love to feel a touch of color coming out of quality paper and are also delighted
with hand-made works rather than focusing on mechanical precision.
To increase efficiency for creators, they always seek daily instruments from new aspects. 


For the protection of our environment, they don’t use any vinyl or plastic coating 

and minimize the application of ink printing to get the natural texture of pulp
paper has in it, and its colors themselves are directly translated into design features.

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