Deia is a multi-disciplinary brand that tell stories about art, objects and spaces through carefully sourced and personally curated products for everyday use. 

We look for quality pieces with timelessness and functionality that pique curiosity and refine daily lives.

Our values focus on introducing pieces of Seoul to the North America region. 

We currently do not own shopfront and operate as Online Store only, offering free pick-up in Downtown Vancouver for local customers.

데이아의 시작은 호기심입니다.

호기심을 일깨우는 사물들, 예술, 공간, 도시, 사람에 대하여 이야기합니다.

데이아의 시선에서 셀렉한 멋진 이야기들이 담긴 사물들을 소개합니다.

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