[PAPIER LABO] Pen Can – Natural, Light Blue


Manufacturer: PAPIER LABO




70φ×175 mm

A pen case made from an original tin can produced by a canning factory in Asakusa.

It is handcrafted from the canning process, to painting, and finally to decoration.

The pen possesses a vintage aesthetic while being lightweight.

The stability of the lid when closed is a unique feature of handcrafted cans.

While it is sold as a pen case, it can also be used for storing tea leaves, coffee beans, and other small items.


PAPIER LABO is a selection shop located in Chidagaya, Tokyo.

They offer a wide range of original products and goods selected from around the world under the concept of “paper-related products”, with a unique and creative perspective. 

In addition to curating an interesting collection of products, they are also involved in designing print materials, logos, packaging, and other items.


Natural, Light Blue

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