[ODUJEJ] Mudle Crayon



– handmade (jeju beeswax, mineral pigments)
– fragrance-free

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image @ courtesy to ODUJEJ

ODUJEJ, local brand of Jejudo, a volcanic island in South Korea, delivers Jeju’s native culture and tradition through their products. 

“Mudle” (muh•dl) is a Jeju dialect for a mound of stones on a field. ODUJEJ’s Mudle project introduces stone-like crayons that visualize the volcanic stones of the Jeju Island.

The stones can be used for drawing and coloring, or transform to objects that you can stack however you want. 


The mudle crayon set is a representation of volcanic stones , handmade of beeswax and mineral pigments in tones of grey and clay.

Sun Dol (medium gray)
Song Yi (red brown)
Deum Dol (light gray)
Hwasan Dol (dark gray)


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