Enamel Rice Cup – Black / White


A small-sized measuring cup that can be multi-purpose – rice measuring cup, milk pitcher, watering can, etc.

Manufacturer: FORMLADY


Size: W95×D60×H70mm

Weight: 90g

Capacity: 180mL

Material: Enamel


The L-shaped handle is convenient for hanging or hooking on the corner of a rice bin. 

[Handling Precautions]

⁎ The rim and spout appear black, but this is due to the undercoating of the enamel (the base glaze for the upper glaze) and is not a defect.

⁎ This is a non-heating product, so please do not put it on fire.

⁎ Please note that due to the nature of dyeing, the color may change when subjected to friction.


White, Black

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