[clear b] Glass Incense Burner


clear b

3.5″w x 5″h approximate

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Clear B

Designed by Craft Combine in South Korea.

Craft Combine designs everyday objects, and all products are handmade in cooperation with Korean artisans and craftsmen.

Part of ‘clear b’ incense burner series, these burners are made in the form of a bowl to gather natrually in the burner. 

The product was designed to make meditation time and place simplistic yet meaningful. 

Not only you can enjoy fragrant of the incense but also you can feel time when you look at the burning process of the incense.

Made from borosilicate glass, the products are resistant to heat and impact.

Bubbles appear in the glass are part of the charm of a hand crafted piece. They are not a sign of defect.

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